Purmo Panel Radiators

Purmo Radiator Characteristics

  • All Purmo panel radiators are produced with a cold rolled, high quality steel plate according to EN 10130.
  • Gauge of the wall is 1,20mm
  • The Compact models have vertical profiles of 33mm.
  • Testing pressure 13 bar. Planora + Vertical : 8 bar.
  • Working pressure 10 bar. Planora + Vertical : 6 bar.
  • Working temperature max. 99°C

Production and Coating Process

Panel radiators are produced on fully automated, ultra-modern lines. They may be inspected at anytime during the production process. The water tightness of each radiator is individually tested at the end of the production line.

Radiators are coated in a modern facility specially designed to protect the environment.


Pre-treatment of radiators consists of degreasing and phosphating. In combination with the base coat, the phosphate layer provides excellent rust protection. After pre-treatment, the radiators are rinsed with deionised water.


This process consists of 2 main stages. First, the radiators are immersed in a 2nd generation KTL bath to cover them with a layer of anti-rust base by means of cataphoresis. They are then dried in hot air at a temperature of around 175°C. The final coat is then applied. This powder coat of epoxy polyester is applied to the radiators by electrophoresis. The powder coating is then heated at a temperature of almost 136°C. Outstandingly hard and stable the finishing coat is resistant to scratches, moisture and acids and complies with DIN 55900 and EN 442 standards.


Standard colour is RAL 9016.

Heat Output

Heat outputs were measured according to the EN 442 standard, with a water temperature of 75/65°C and a room temperature of 20°C (delta T=50).


The radiators are protected with cardboard, including corner edge protections. The radiators are shrink-wrapped. The radiator can remain inside the packaging until installation is complete, to prevent any damage. The entire packaging is recyclable.

Purmo Single Convector Radiator
Purmo Double Convector Radiator
Purmo Type 21S Radiator

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