Mira Vie Electric Shower

Mira Vie Shower


  • Separate power and flow / temperature controls for ease of use
  • Push button start / stop with a neon power indicator
  • Shower will cut out if temperature becomes too hot
  • Complete with Mira fittings with adjustable handset – limescale resistant and simple to clean
  • Multiple water and cable entry points
  • Accepts push fit and compression type fittings

Product Range

  • Mira Vie 8.5 240V AC (230V AC 7.8kW)
  • Mira Vie 9.5 240V AC (230V AC 8.8kW)
  • Mira Vie 10.8 240V AC (230V AC 9.9kW)

Limitations of Use

  • The appliance must not be used for applications where an outlet flow control forms part of the shower fitting.
  • The appliance must not be used for applications where it may become submerged in water
  • A water treatment device is recommended in areas where the temporary hardness is above 200ppm.
  • The product and its components are only suitable for normal water supplies and should be cleaned only with mild washing up detergent or soap solution.


These electric showers work by regulating the flow water, minimum 0.7 bar (maintained) pressure (8.5, 9.5), 1 bar (10.8), over the heating elements contained in the heater tank of the shower unit.

Water flow is started or stopped by depressing the start / stop button

Power selection is chosen by turning the top control knob

The showering temperature is adjusted by turning the temperature control knob, which varies the flow of coldwater across the elements. The slower the rate of flow, the warmer the water and vice versa. Spray plates in shower handsets should always be kept clean to maintain a consistent flow and assist in temperature control.

All Mira electric showers are designed to stabilise temperature changes caused by water pressure fluctuations. These can result from taps being turned on or off or toilets flushed. Under such conditions, average shower temperatures will be held within a 6oC band, provided that the minimum required pressure is maintained.

The design of most popular electric shower does not allow for thermostatic control of the showering temperature, and as such, they are unable to react to changes in temperature caused by a change in mains voltage, or in the incoming water temperature. For thermostatically controlled electric showers, refer to MIra Sport Thermostatic, Mira Escape, Mira Advance, Mira Azora and Mira Galena.

The temperature of incoming water will vary between summer and winter, and therefore, the temperature control knob will need to be adjusted to take account of these seasonal conditions. The length of dead leg of the cold pipe or its proximity to hot pipes, may affect the showering temperature.

If the water temperature reaches an unsafe level, the thermal switch assembly turns off the elements. As the water temperature falls the elemetns will be turned on. The switch will cycle on / off / on if the flow-rate is not increased, adn the shower temperature reduced.

When the shower is first turned on or a different temperature is selected, there will be a slight delay before the shower temperature changes, to allow the previously heated water to be used up.


  • Minimum maintained pressure : 0.7 bar (8.5, 9.5), 1 bar (10.8)
  • Minimum static pressure : 0.2 bar (to keep valve closed)
  • Maximum static pressure : 10 bar


Optional DCV-H: outlet double check valve providing an alternative method of complying with UK water regulations


Guaranteed for two years from date of purchase against faulty materials or workmanship. Optional extended warranty available. Contact Mira Customer Support.


The new Mira Vie is suitable for installation as part of the following plumbing systems:

  • Mains cold water pressure

Installation – Plumbing

Surface-mounted unit

Inlet connection : 15mm plastic swivel stub for use with a push fit or compression fitting (not supplied) from the top, bottom or back.

Outlet connection : 1/2″ BSP male

The plumbing installation must comply with the requirements of UK water Regulations / Bylaws (Scotland), Building Regulations / Bylaws (Scotland) Building Regulations or any particular regulations and practices, specified by the local water company or water undertakers. The installation should be carried out by a plumber or a contractor who is registered or is a member of an association

Protect the product from damage whilst making soldered connections. Some fluxes cause damage to plastic components

Installation – Electrical

The appliance must be earthed

This appliance is intended to be permanently connected to the fixed electrical wiring of the mains system, in accordance with the current edition of ‘The Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) regulations’ in force at the time of the installation.

The appliance requires either a 40Amp supply fuse (8.5) or 45 Amp supply fuse (9.5, 10.8)

The terminal block will not accept cable larger than 16mm2

Maximum ambient temperature for the appliance whilst in use is 30oC

The appliance will provide satisfactory performance with an incoming electrical supply voltage of 230V ±10%. The supply voltage will affect the flow rate.

The installation must comply with ‘Requirements for Electrical Installations’ (commonly referred to as the IEE Wiring Regulations) or any particular regulations and practices specified by the local electricity supply company.

A separate, permanently connected supply must be taken from the consumer unit to the appliance via a double pole switch with at least a 3mm contact separation.

The switch can be a ceiling-mounted pull-cord switch or a wall mounted switch in the appropriate zone (see Wiring regulations)

We recommend the inclusion of a 30mA residual current device (RCD). This may be a requirement of Wiring Regulations.

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